Baby Gender Test Kits That Tell You The Sex Of Your Baby

By Olivia Campbell-Price

If you're like many other expectant parents, you're probably really excited and wish you could find out your baby's gender right now even before it is born. While it is a highly accurate baby gender test, amniocentesis is reserved for testing for possible genetic disorders, so too is chorionic villus sampling or CVS testing which examines the placenta, Neither of these are viable solutions for everyday gender testing since they are high risk procedures which can harm the fetus.

What can parents do if they are really anxious to learn their baby's gender before birth? Several options exist, ranging from old wives' tales that are of questionable reliability to at home baby gender test kits that show some promise. Keep in mind that these are great for having a bit of fun, but you probably can't and shouldn't bank on the results.

Certainly, the ultrasound sonogram is the most popular and currently most useful baby gender test available. The rate of accuracy is still not 100%, but it's about as close as you can get short of undergoing amniocentesis or CVS testing. The ultrasound is just about routine for most pregnancies, but for the most accurate results, the 20-week range or mid-second trimester is the best time for determining the baby's gender.

For those who don't want to wait, there are early gender detection test kits are now on the market. Designed to detect the presence of male or female DNA material or other proprietary criteria as early as five weeks of pregnancy, these are highly touted as being the answer to the far-off ultrasound exam. However in terms of accuracy, the jury is still out.

Using an early baby gender test kits such as Intelligender and Pink or Blue Early Gender Test can certainly provide entertainment value, but until the technology is perfected, there is not enough evidence that it is 100% reliable for purposes of planning your nursery.

The baby gender test kit made by Intelligender has been around for a few years. This kit tests your urine for the presence of certain substances and will change colors that you can then compare against a color-coded guide. Results can be seen within ten minutes. You can perform this test at around six weeks after you miss a period or in the second month of pregnancy. While it can be fun to find out early, keep in mind that your results may or may not be confirmed by a sonogram.

The Pink or Blue baby gender test kit is a bit more involved and is more costly to learn the results. This is packaged as a early pregnancy test and offers the option to collect samples for laboratory testing of the gender component. While the test kit itself is relatively inexpensive, the gender testing requires an additional cost of up to $200 and requires sending the sample to the lab. - 31802

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